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Within My Heart by Tamara Alexander


Cover art: Within My Heart Reviewer: Trudy Smith
Title: Within My Heart - 3rd in the Timber Ridge Reflections series
Author: Tamara Alexander
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN-13: 978-0-7642-0391-6
Release Date: September 2010
Genre/Sub-genre: Inspirational Historical Romance
Year/Setting: 1875/Timber Ridge, Colorado Territory
Overall Rating: 4.25
Sexual Content Rating: None
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Tamara's Website/Blog: www.tameraalexander.com

Rachel Boyd lost her husband a couple of years ago. She has held others responsible for the accident and Rachel has her own guilt she carries. Now she was alone trying to keep their dream of the ranch alive for her sons. Things werenít easy for Rachel and the last couple of winters have been the hardest on the ranch.

Dr. Rand Brookston has been in Timber Ridge for a couple of years. For a while now heís secretly loved Rachel from afar. Something has kept Rachel at a distance and Rand has no idea what it is. He knows that Rachel loved her husband very much but heís not sure what it is about him that has her demeanor so standoffish around him.

Rachelís father was a doctor and though he was her father, he had an arrogance and snobbish air about him. For some reason Rachel assumed that all doctors were the same. Dr. Brookston seemed nice enough but Rachel was sure that he hadnít shown his true colors yet.

Rachel and Rand had a very sick friend in common and when they are thrown together to work for the life of their friend, Randís true colors do come out. Rachel discovers that it may be true that all doctors are not the same. Yet, there is something in Randís past that Rachel can see has affected him, something that he fights daily.

Rachel canít betray her husband and their dream, no matter how much sheíd rather work with Rand. Rachel canít take the chance on loving and loosing again, her heart just wonít take it.

As we know He sometimes does, God has other plans. But will Rachel give up her plans for the plans God has for her, opening her heart to love again? Can she forgive others and herself for her husbandís accident? And can Rand convince Rachel that heís not like her father; that together, with God and their love they can conqueror the fears of the past they both have?

Tamera Alexander has once again given her readers a heartwarming story and as always her talent in how she paints the scenes so vividly gives you the feeling youíre standing next to Rachel and Rand, youíre heart is breaking with theirs over their friendís plight and your heartstrings are pulled as the story continues to unfold.

Within My Heart kept me turning the pages long into the night wanting to see not only how Rachel and Rand come together but how the old friends and acquaintances weíve known in Timber Ridge have been. Itís a nice wrap up to the series and will keep your thoughts racing long after the reading is over.


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