Once Upon A Romance

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Patricia Cabot

Lisa Cach

Leslie Caine aka Leslie O'Kane

Gayle Callen

Suzanne Marie Calvin

Ramsey Campbell

Dana Cameron

Stella Cameron

Laurie Campbell

Stephen J. Cannell

Joanna Carl aka Eve Sandstrom

Liz Carlyle

C.J. Carmichael

Robyn Carr

Tori Carrington

Christine Carroll aka Linda Jacobs

Sela Carsen

Sammi Carter

Barbara Cartland

Dixie Cash aka Anna Jeffrey

Kathryn Caskie

K.N. Casper

Dianne Castell

Linda Castillo

Linda Lea Castle

Jack L. Chalker

Diane Chamberlain

Megan Chance

Victoria Chancellor

Janet Chapman

Nora Charles aka Noreen Wald

Sandra Chastain

Rowena Cherry

Judy Christenberry

Sandra Chastain

Maureen Child aka Kathleen Kane & Sarah Hart

Laura Childs

Margaret Chittenden

Agatha Christie

Jill Churchill

Beth Ciotta aka CB Scott

Tom Clancy FAQ'S

Cherie Claire

Pamela Clare

Barbara Clark aka April Reid

Carol Higgins Clark

Casey Claybourne

Donna Clayton

Cynthia Clement

Colleen Coble

Margaret Coel

Elaine Coffman

Jan Coffey aka May McGoldrick

Nancy J. Cohen

Don Coldsmith

Kresley Cole

Britta Coleman

Lynn A. Coleman

Barbara Colley aka Anne Logan

Ann Collins

Kate Collins

Max Allan Collins

Stephen Collins

Kimberly Comeaux

Michael Connelly

Caitlin Conway

Beverly Connor

Kristina Cook

Cynthia Cooke

Stephen Coonts

Louise Cooper

Lori Copeland

Jerri Corgiat

Nicola Cornick

Patricia Cornwell

Elaine Corvidae

Lyn Cote

Ralph Cotton

Brenda Coulter

Catherine Coulter

Debra Cowan

Tracy Cozzens

Susan Crandall

Kathleen Creighton

Jasmine Cresswell

Michael Crichton

Bill Crider

Millie Criswell

Pam Crooks

Tanya Anne Crosby

Jennifer Crusie

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