Glow/Moisture Mask
Submitted by;
Lisa ~ NJ

I created this mask myself out of all natural products! It's a real treat  
for your skin!
You will need:
Half Ripe Avocado
Olive Oil 
Aloe Vera
Now you can add as little or as less of each ingredient as you prefer. 
Olive oil is the only ingredient to use less of compared to the others. 
So use half of the olive oil in recipe alongside the honey, avocado, 
etc. I normally like to make this in a bigger batch and store in the 
refrigerator and it lasts up for a week.. 
Mash all the contents in a bowl and apply mixture to skin. Keep on for  
fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse away with warm washcloth or warm water 
if you do not have a wash cloth. Have fun!

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