Hot Cocoa Mix
Submitted by;
Connie ~ Independence, MO

1-15oz Nestle choc milk mix
1-15oz Nestle double choc milk mix
or 1-30oz Nestle choc milk mix
3-9.6oz boxes Carnation instant milk
1# box + 1 cup powdered sugar
22oz non-dairy powdered coffee creamer (can use extra creamy)

Use a large stock pot to mix in...Do not try to pour and mix 
all ingredients in at once as it will not thoroughly mix.  
Alternate the ingredients and whisk well making sure to scrape 
sides and bottom often.  Store in large, airtight containers.

For a coffee cup use about 1/3 rounded/heaping cup of mix.
For a mug use about 1/2 rounded/heaping cup of mix.
(adjust amounts to taste)
Add cold water
Heat to desired temp in microwave

For added flavor stir in:
Marshmallows, a mini candy cane, or a tsp. of instant coffee for 
the "mocha" flavor


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