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Awe-Struck has limited numbers of new copies of many of our print books on hand, and have decided to sell them at DEEP discounts for holiday buying/giving!

Just visit our site and at the very top of the index page you will see a banner for a "Print Books Sale"--click on that and you can see them any titles and numbers of copies available. The price is 8.99, which includes shipping! You can order them from our shopping cart.

Can't get a trade-quality paper back at that price sent to you, not even from Amazon (unless you buy a used one). So check out the sale and if a book there strikes your fancy for yourself or for a gift, order soon, because there are not many to go around.

Thanks for your continuing support in e-books and print books! May you find Good values with all your holiday buying!

Kathryn Struck, Publisher

Posted 11-27

Calling all writers interested in writing for Harlequin Presents... Harlequin has just announced it's running a new contest for aspiring authors. The the INSTANT SEDUCTION Writing Competition is being run through the IheartPresents website www.iheartpresents.com. Entries will be accepted between January 1 - February 14, 2008. Check out posts to that site for more details. More information will be posted periodically.

Prizes are fantastic. 1st prize is winning an editor for a year!

Submitted by;
Annie West

Posted 11-9

Our REGENCY NOVEL CONTEST is still going on--for those who missed the first announcement, we are hosting a 'contest' to pick the best three Regencies from all who submit manuscripts. These would be published in 2009, and the prize is a full-service print contract with no-strings-attached as well as e-book release. Regencies can be as short as 45,000 words to count as a novel, and many are short; many or longer. Regencies SELL! They do have a loyal following, and we would like to add to our already great line-up. This 'contest' is open until the end of December (let me know if you need an extension), and open to any writer, publisher, or unpublished, Awe-Struck author or not. Even if you don't win the contest, you could very well win a contract! And who knows? If there are four that stand out, we'll pick the top four!

SHORT NOVEL CONTEST: We are seeing a market for a shorter novel as more and more are turning into audio downloads (many of our novels are going audio). The minimum for a novel is I believe about 45,000 words, so we are encouraging submissions of 45,000 to 55,000 word or thereabouts. If you have a novel that is tucked away because you just could not expand it into 80,000 words, please consider submitting it. If you have a story that you know will work within the above word count, please write it! All romance genres are included in this contest, except Regencies, which have their own contest above. Again, winners receive a full-service with no strings attached contract with Awe-Struck for both e-book release in 2009 and print release. This contest ends in January. Let me know if you need an extension.

We cannot accept proposals or ideas. We do need a finished manuscript. So talk to me if you have concerns about time.

Please check our Submissions page on the site for submissions guidelines.

Please contact me if you have questions at kdstruck@mchsi.com

Oh writers! Keep on writing! And have fun! Thanks!

Kathryn Struck, Publisher

Posted 10-30

Publishers, editors, agents, do you have an announcement or news? If so, send me your news and I'll gladly add it to the page.


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