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Literary Agent and Editor Links

Links for editors and literary agents.

Authors, published and aspiring: these sites have much to offer, you just have to find the right one(s) to fit your needs.

But first, here are some tips:

Your fellow RWA Chapter members and members of other Writing Associations, will be willing to help you with all of the above. Take them up on it!

Please Note: I am not promoting or endorsing one linked site over another. I did, however, want to provide as many links as possible for all needs and tastes. It's up to you to thoroughly check out the sites of interest to you, their guidelines and fees, and decide if they have what you need and are looking for.

Sites and Places Offering Editing, Promotional, and Agent Services

Note: If you've have pertinent information, positive or negative, about any of the editors, promotions, or agencies please don't hesitate to let me know!

Editors and Editor Resources:
Book Doctors and Independent Editors offers warnings, cautions, and definitions for writers. Good info.

Editorial Department offers critiques, agent matchmaking, workshops, submissions, client testimonials, and more.

Northwest Independent Editors Guild offers you to join, post a job, look for a job...freelance editors in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho.

Resources For Freelance Editors offers information and tips for the freelance editor.

WordsArt offers services, rates, comments and reviews, for the non-fiction author.

Authors Sound Relations offers a range of services to authors wanting promotional, administrative, research, or creative help.

Book Promotion Newsletter offers articles, and ideas for promoting books, links, rates, and more.

Breakthrough Promotions offers resources, services, testimonials, and more.

LBP Enterprises offers marketing services, website services, bookclubs, and more.

Nancy Berland Public Relations offers full-service promotional services. Call or contact via email.

Press Kit Previews! is a resource for authors. Binnie Syril Braunstein works tirelessly to help you promote your book. Email her at: Bsbgc AT aol DOT com

Literary Agents/Agencies:
Listed are some, genres represented by the agencies. This doesn't mean the list is complete! To get a complete list of genres open for submission please go to the agency's website.

Agent Research & Evaluation helps direct you to the agent right for you.

Ahern Agency, The represents romance, mystery, non-fiction, and general fiction.

Axelrod Agency, The represents a variety of genres including romance.
Steven Axelrod, 49 Main Street, PO Box 357, Chatham, NY 12037
Phone - 518.392.2100

BookEnds, LLC represents category romance, mystery/suspense, western, and a variety of non-fiction.

Brown Literary Agency represents women's fiction, single title romance, and category romance.

Browne & Miller Literary Associates represents adult fiction, non-fiction, and select young adult.

Chatelain, Harcourt & Brown represents literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children's books.

Conville & Walsh Ltd - UK represents literary fiction, history, science, and non-fiction.
Patrick Walsh, Conville & Walsh Ltd, 2 Ganton Street, London, W1F 7QL
Phone - 020-7287 3030
Fax - 020-7287 4545
Email - patrick AT convilleandwalsh DOT com

Crichton & Associates, Inc. represents non-fiction, contemporary, romance, and chick-lit.

Donald Maass Literary Agency represents sci-fi, romance, mystery, horror, historical, mainstream, playwrights, and young adult.

Elyse Cheney Literary Associates
156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1134
New York, NY 10010-7745

Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, The represents children's, romance, sci-fi, paranormal, and mystery.

Evan Marshall Agency, The represents young adult and adult fiction.
Six Tristam Place, Pine Brook, NJ 07058-9445
Phone - 973.882.1122
Fax - 973.882.3099

Ferguson Literary Agency represents chick lit, women's fiction, thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, mainstream, many sub-genres of romance.

Fletcher & Parry represents non-fiction, commercial, and literary fiction.

Folio Literary Management represents general fiction, young adult, romance, mysteries, and non-fiction.

Fred Hill Bonnie Nadell Agency
8899 Beverly Bl., Suite 805
Los Angeles, CA 90048
1842 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

Greene & Heaton UK represents a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.

Greyhaus Literary Agency represents romance writers.

Harvey Klinger, Inc. represents various fiction and non-fiction.

Inkwell Management represents various fiction, including romance, and non-fiction.

Irene Goodman Literary Agency Inc. represents romance, thrillers, suspense, literary fiction, mysteries, and chick lit.

Jane Chelius Literary Agency, Inc. represents literary fiction, mystery, womenís literature, science fiction and fantasy, and menís adventure, also a variety non-fiction genres.

Knight Agency, The represents fiction and non-fiction, sci-fi, mysteries, YA, women's fiction, romance and more.

Kraas Literary Agency represents chick lit, romance, horror, and young adult.

Literary Agents: Writer Beware offers things to know before getting an agent.

Laura Dail Literary Agency represents both non-fiction and fiction.

Lowenstein-Yost Associates Inc. represents non-fiction and fiction with the exclusion of some genres.

Mortimer Literary Agency represents women's fiction.

Natasha Kern Literary Agency represents romance, nonfiction, mystery, and inspirational.

Nelson Literary Agency represents women's fiction, romance, sci-fi, young adult, nonfiction, and film/TV.

Pema Browne Ltd. represents children's and young adult, romance, and non-fiction.

Peter Rubie Literary Agency represents fiction and non-fiction.

PFD Literary and Talent Agency UK represents books, illustrator's, film and tv, and more.

Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. represents science fiction, fantasy, romance, westerns, thrillers, horror, as well as narrative, journalistic non-fiction, history, biography, and mainstream fiction.

Richard Henshaw Group represents women's fiction, romance, mysteries, and non-fiction.

Rosenberg Group, The represents a variety of textbooks and non-fiction, and romance.

Seymour Agency, The represents both fiction and non-fiction.

Steve Laub Agency, The represents both quality Christian fiction and non-fiction.

Spectrum Literary Agency represents sci-fi, mystery, romance, and paranormal.

Tessler Literary Agency represents quality non-fiction and literary and commercial fiction.

Trident Media Group represents film and television, fiction including women's fiction, non-fiction, and more.

Venture Literary represents humorous, thrillers, memoirs, women's fiction, and motivational.

Victoria Sanders represents fiction and non-fiction, particulaly business, sports, history, and other narratives.

Vigliano Associates represents fiction and non-fiction, particularly business, sports, history, and other narratives.

Vivian Beck Agency represents and specializes in all sub-genres of romance fiction, but also represents mystery and sci-fi/fantasy.

Waxman Literary Agency, New York represents biography, narrative and hictorical non-fiction, and sports.

Wendy Weil Agency, Inc., The
232 Madison Avenue, Suite 1300 New York, NY 10016
Phone - 212.685.0030
Fax - 212.685.0765
Email wweil AT wendyweil DOT com

William Morris Agency represents books, film, theater, sports, music, and commercials.

Writers House represents literary and women's fiction, sci-fi, a varitey of non-fiction, and young adult and juvenille fiction and non-fiction.

3 Seas Literary Agency represents and specializes in romance fiction, but queries such as novellas, poetry and screenplays will be considered.


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