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The Perfect Waltz {H} by Anne Gracie is perfect! A must read. We get to revisit the Merridew sisters, but through the eyes of Hope this time. With this family love conquers all fears and hurts. A yummy, though difficult hero doesn't hurt any either! An emotional yet uplifting read.
Second in the Merridew Sisters series.

The List
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Abbie's Outlaw {H} by Victoria Bylin is packed with the healing power of love and faith. There are so many layers and textures to this story and its characters, of their life, thoughts and emotions. It captures the heart with heart.
This book stands on its own, but is a sequel to West of Heaven. It's the second book in the "Midas" trilogy. Take the time to read them both!

Annie's Song {H} by Catherine Anderson is a very intense and emotional story. The hero is honorable, righting his brother's wrong. And Annie will leave you with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.

Big Girls Don't Cry {C} by Brenda Novak has a unique and touching storyline. It's riviting. It was one of those books that you can feel the characters emotions deep in your chest. This book could not have been better.
Part of the Dundee series.

Gift, The {H} by Julie Garwood is a fast paced read that will make you smile, laugh, and tug at your heartstrings.

Have Glass Slippers, Will Travel {C} by Lisa Cach is totally fun! We laughed, felt the hurt, confusion, sadness, and fears of the hero/heroine. The secondary characters unwittingly played their parts well in bringing them together. A modern day fairy tale!

Of Men and Angels {H} by Victoria Bylin has a hero who needs emotional healing and a spunky, but caring heroine who gives it to him. (two secondary characters need their own story! do you know who we mean?)

Painted Rose, The {H} by Donna Birdsell has a hero and heroine who both need healing from their scars, which finally begins with each other. The story is full-bodied and doesn't have pages and pages of sex written in to try and complete it. Donna's style of writing captivates.

Something About Cecily {C} by Karen Kendall is a laugh out loud, fun read full of madcap antics by the heroine. The poor hero of the story doesn't know what hit him!

Sweet Annie {H} by Cheryl St. John is poignant and charming, and is for anyone who's in the mood for a gentle, but emotion filled read.

When A Texan Gambles {H} by Jodi Thomas is full of emotion with bickering, misunderstandings, humor, attraction, injuries and more interwoven to make a great read!   This is the second book in the Texas trilogy

Are any of Connie and Tina's favorites on your list?

Let us know... What's on your list of favorites?

Your Responses and Favorites

Connie and Tina, I just finished Lucy Monroe's Wedding Vow or Revenge and it's just a wonderful read. Even thought it begins with a revenge plot, it is so tender and truly a story of trust. It's to be released March 6th here in the US.

Marilyn Shoemaker
SEATTLE SNOOPS - A Service for Writers

The Skypirate by Justine Davis writing as Justine Dare. Great futuristic story that feels like a historical with complex characters and a wonderful romance that keeps you hooked right to the end.

Terri Reed

A Sheltering Love, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, May 2005
Hold on to Love, Steeple Hill Romantic Suspense, TBA
Strictly Confidential: Book 5 of Faith at the Crossroads,
Steeple Hill Romantic Suspense, May 2006

Hey there, Connie & Tina!

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Cheryl St. John's Sweet Annie and Julie Garwood (I bow down to her books nightly. I have a keeper shelf full of them.) The Gift are two of my favorites, too!

Have a great day!

Lori Pepio
Highland Honor
A Scottish Medieval Romance Novel
ISBN: 1-59080-313-2, November 2003
NY Times Bestselling Author Kinley MacGregor says: "Lori Pepio is a wordsmith to watch. Wonderful, heartwrenching and great, Highland Honor sizzles. Lori is definitely on her way to the top!"

When thinking of book's I've read I often think of The Gift, by Julie Garwood. I enjoyed Sara, poor Sara, as she really didn't mean to have all those accidents. And I can hear Nathan bellow - SARA! Thank you for bringing it to mind, once again!

Trudy ~ MO

My favorite books are five star books

Mr. Complete by Sheridon Smythe
The Secret Life of Bryan by Lori Foster
The Last To Die by Beverly Barton
Houston, We Have A Problem and Smarth Mouth by Erin McCarthy
The Nerd Who Loved Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Turn Me On by Kristin Hardy
Knock Me Off My Feet and Take A Chance On Me by Susan Donovan

These books are just so fantastic! I could not put them down at all! Please read these books!


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