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Review Ratings Scales

We hope you'll find the rating scales helpful when making a reading choice.

Please note: When a reviewer rates a book from the scales provided, it is per their thoughts and point of view regarding the story and interpretation of the scales.

Overall Book Rating:
5...Outstanding - A Keeper
4...Excellent - Definitely Worth Reading
3...Good - Enjoyable Reading
2...Fair - Didn't Mind Reading
1...Sorry - Just Not My Cup Of Tea...But It May Be Yours

Sexual Content Ratings (may be used in mystery/suspense reviews)...
None – there’s no sexual activity:

  • Kisses and general, non-detailed caressing. Any sexual activity is done behind closed doors.
  • The reader’s imagination comes into play as characters, plot, romance and emotions are the main focus.
  • Subtle– there’s little sexual activity:

  • Sexual activity is alluded to with minimal/moderate description.
  • The reader is given a peek into the bedroom as well as the opportunity to use their imagination as emotions, romance and plot are prominent.
  • Sensual – there’s moderate sexual activity:

  • Physical details are described, but not in an un-tasteful manner.
  • There are still some elements left to the reader’s imagination with emotions and romance presiding over the physical.
  • Sexual – there’s explicit sexual activity:

  • Sexual acts, feelings and desires are described in detail and are graphic with little emotion.
  • Nothing is left to the reader’s imagination and there is little to no focus on the developing romance and/or love. Physical gratification is at the core of the sexual activity.
  • May not be for the more conservative reader.

  • Language (Profanity/Slang) Ratings...
    None - no profanity/slang is used.

  • There may be few to no profanities used.
  • Mild - profanity/slang use is infrequent:

  • Selection of words used is slim and sporadic.
  • Moderate - profanity/slang use is recurring:

  • Some may be offended at the semi-regularity, variety and directness of words used.
  • May not be for the more conservative reader.
  • Extreme - profanity/slang use is coarse and repetitive:

  • Some may be offended by the graphic crudity and regularity of words used.
  • Most likely not for the very conservative reader.

  • Violence Ratings (may be used in romance/romantic suspense reviews)...
    None/Negligible - there is no violence:

  • Perhaps a slight altercation is alluded to with no details.
  • Minimal – violence may be alluded to:

  • Descriptions of the initial crime(s) or actions are very subtle and/or after the fact with few details given.
  • Scenes such as lurking shadows, chases, tampered cars, and fights or attacks are mildly suspenseful.
  • Moderate – sporadic yet suspenseful:

  • The description of the crime scene and references to blood and violence may be a bit more specific without being overly graphic in detail.
  • There is more action and intensity in the unfolding mystery. A higher level of suspense can be expected by the reader.
  • Intense – edge of the seat suspense:

  • The description of the crime scene and references to blood, violence, and crimes are very intense and slightly graphic, yet not overly unsettling.
  • Highly suspenseful engaging the reader’s attention.
  • Extreme - very graphic, very violent:

  • The description of the crime scene and victim’s horrors are explicit and perhaps brutal. There may be unsettling moments of evil, terror, torture, or there may be demonic elements.
  • Not for the more conservative reader or faint of heart! May be disturbing in its detail and content.

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