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Links for Teens

Links for fun and research for the teen reader.

*Teen - (Research and Learning)

Awesome Library offers way too much to list. Take a look.

Browse The World is an interesting site filled with info on History. A Great place to learn about early Egypt and Ancient Greece. Find out about Africa today or the World Wars. Lots to see!

CyberSleuth Kids is a great Internet search guide for students of all grades. In addition to endless educational resources, CyberSleuth offers the student a fun and games page and classroom clipart. A GREAT research site!

Dave's Science World is a fun and informative way to learn about Science. Probably best for elementary and middle school age students. Find out about chemical elements, animal totems, dinosaurs, metric factors, and more. Most info is brief, but the site is worth checking out.

Fact Monster is a fun and informative Internet research guide for students of all grades. They offer news, sports, games and quizzes on many skill levels, homework center, help and info on math, science, people, and much, much more. One to check out!

History For Kids - BBC offers so much in the way of learning about people in different time periods and cultures.

How-To-Study.com offers detailed information on how to study for tests, writing papers, note taking, and much more.

IPL Teen Space offers homework and writing help, directories, and much more.

KidsKonnect offers so much for the student of any age even though it looks geared toward the younger student. Algebra, stock market, figure skating, life cycles, and caves are an example of what this site has to offer the student and teacher.

Learning Network (NY Times) - 3-12 offers Science Q & A's, news quiz, word of the day, and more.

Science Fair offers great resources on science fair projects from start to finish.

Students' Classroom offers graph making, exploring your knowledge, games and activities, online "'zine", and more for all grades.

Study Stack offers flashcards and more in several subjects. Not your average flashcard!

Tameri Guide offers great articles on writing, grammar, word usage, formatting and more. Great for the high school student.

Weekly Reader K-12 offers something for every grade and every age as well as teacher's and parents pages.

42Explore offers tons of information for every grade and has just about every topic. Science, math, applied and fine arts, and so much more. Information is thorough with links for additional study and research. Good for teachers and writers as well as the student.

50 States offers loads of information and facts on each state.

Check out our own Research Links page which may have some good study links.

*Teen Authors Sites

Meg Cabot

Catherine Clark

Sarah Dessen

Alex Flinn

Traci Hall

Ann Herrick

Will Hobbs

Mary Hogan

Kimberly Holt

Cathy Hopkins

Jeanette Ingold

Diana Wynne Jones

Karen McCombie

Joyce McDonald

Marsha Qualey

Graham Salisbury

Ellen Schreiber

Gloria Skurzynski

Kathy Stinson

Sarah Anne Sumpolec

Rachel Vail

Nancy Werlin

Ellen Wittlinger

*Teen Sites

Harper Teen offers the teen newsletters, contests, author info, and much more.

Harry Potter, this is the official Warner Bros. Harry Potter website and it offers the teen (or grown-up); a lot of great Harry Potter games and news, as well as links to the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes (featuring games and more) and DC Comics sites.

Kidzworld, has games, sports, music, "brain candy," chats (parents, read the rules and etiquette first), quizzes, and lots more!

Nickelodeon offers the pre-teen/teen games, music and star news, news, and much more!

Random House Teens offers the teen; book lists, authors sites and more.

Spaghetti Book Club offers book reviews for kids written by kids, teens, too.

Sweet Valley High offers the teen; news, contests, meet the author, book lists, and more.

Teen Ink is written by teens and offers the teen; poetry, art gallery, opinions, college essays and reviews, fiction, sports, book and movie reviews, community service and much more.

Teen Reads offers the teen; authors sites, reviews, newsletters, monthly polls, information on starting teen book clubs and more.

Young Adult (& Kid's) Books Central offers forum, newsletter, books, authors, and more.

*Parents, the websites have been "surfed" before the links have been added to this page, but it is up to you to visit these sites to be aware of their content and decide if they are appropriate for your teen.


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