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Murder 101 {M/R} by Maggie Barbieri was great! It has romance, humor and suspense, all the thing's I love in a book. I'll bet the next one is even better! I don't get to read very many books that the hero (a cop) and the heroine (a professor) actually seem human, with flaws and emotions like all of us. The author thankfully didn't feel the need to make the hero pushy and chauvinistic. Thanks Connie for telling me to read it. Once again you were right!

The List
(In Alphabetical Order)

An Angel For The Earl {H} by Barbara Metzger was a feel good, sweet romance. I always like a heroine who can reform a rake!

Breath Away, A {C} by Rita Herron is a great romantic suspense. The tension between Grady and Violet sizzles. This book is full of intrigue and plot twists that keep you guessing until the end.

Bright Eyes {C} by Catherine Anderson tugs at your heartstrings. Only in Catherine Anderson books will you find such wonderful men.

Close To You {C} by Christina Dodd was a good romance with lots of suspense.

Dangerous Protector {C} by Janet Chapman is a good read that combines humor and great characterization. Puffin Harbor has some very interesting residents.
This is book 2 in the Puffin Harbor series. The first was Seductive Impostor.

Getting What You Want {C} by Kathy Love, the first novel in the Ugly Stepp Sisters trilogy, was my favorite of the three books. The emotions of the characters really comes through the pages.

If Angels Fall {P} by Lynn Viehl is a very dark and graphic vampire story. Not usually the type of book I read. It was one of those books where you're not sure if you like it or not, but find it hard to put it down. When I was done with it I had to run out and get the next book in the series, so I guess, in the end, I enjoyed it.

Just The Way You Are {C} by Christina Dodd is a well told story with the right amount of humor. Opposites attract...the hero and heroine have good chemistry.

Letters To Kelly {C} by Suzanne Brockmann is a beautiful love story with a little humor thrown in to make it even better.

Marly's Choice an Erotica by Lora Leigh is Hot Hot Hot!!!

Metro Girl {M/C} by Janet Evanovich finally got my attention. I started and stopped reading this book about four times and every time I think I was expecting Stephanie Plum from her other books, but once I actually gave it a chance it was great! Funny and a great story! I should never have doubted that the book would be anthing less than wonderful!

Million-Dollar Makeover {C} by Cheryl St.John is cute and enjoyable to read. The characters and plot were a well blended mix making this book a fun way to pass some time.

My Sunshine {C} by Catherine Anderson has wonderful characters and story as always.

On The Way To The Wedding {H} by Julia Quinn is an extremely enjoyable read for the humor, fun characters, good story and revisiting old friends, but most of all for only one sex scene (and not at all graphic!) This book ends the Bridgerton series and tied things up very well. I'm sad to see the series end.

Risk Everything {H} by Sophia Johnson blends history, romance and laugh out loud humor. The characters are well developed and very interesting. I can't wait for the next in this series.
First book in a planned trilogy

Shower of Stars, A {C} by Nancy Herkness is a good, well-written story. Loved the characters as well as the fact that a dream is fulfilled with the added bonus of love. Two great combinations!

Summer Breeze {H} by Catherine Anderson was a book I enjoyed very much. It is a story about a woman who is not perfect. In fact, she is an agoraphobic (she won't leave her house) due to previous trauma. If you have never read a Catherine Anderson book it's time you did!

Texas Destiny-Texas Glory-Texas Splendor {C} by Lorraine Heath were all a pleasure to read. All had beautiful storytelling and wonderfully developed characters.

Tiger & The Tomb, The {H} by Bonnie Vanak has a romantic setting, lots of adventure, and very life-like characters.

Unhandsome Prince, The {P - fantasy} by John Moore is Fun! It's filled with characters, fairytale and otherwise, finding love and their place in the Kingdom. A very cute book!

What She Doesn't Know {C} by Tina Wainscott is an intriguing book with fascinating characters.

Winston Brothers, The {C} by Lori Foster is funny. And steamy! These guys are wonderful.

Are any of Tina's favorites on your list?

Let us know... What's on your favorites list?

Your Responses and Favorites

Delicious by Susan Mallery is just plain incredible. I can't wait for the rest of the series and just know it's going to be shown on your "Favorite List"

Marilyn Shoemaker
SEATTLE SNOOPS - A Service for Writers

Dear Tina,

I was looking through the Once Upon a Romance website and found your "favorites" lists. Imagine my pleasure when I discovered both of my books included in your lists, one on each! I am so honored and flattered. There is nothing more exciting to an author than having a truly knowledgeable reader admire her books. Many, many thanks for the wonderful compliment!

Warm regards,

Nancy Herkness
A BRIDGE TO LOVE, August 2003
Berkley Sensation

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