Yorkshire Pudding
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Catherine Kean ~ FL


My mother-in-law, who has lived in England all of her life, gave me this
recipe.  Yorkshire Pudding is traditionally served with a roast of meat
(beef, lamb, or chicken).  It's very simple to make, and there is simply
nothing like Yorkshire Pudding smothered in gravy.  It's delicious!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Farenheit
Makes 12 Yorkshire Puddings, using a non-stick, 12-muffin pan* 

4 ounces of all-purpose flour
Pinch of salt
One large egg, room temperature
10 fluid ounces of whole milk, room temperature

Fat drained from a cooked roast (beef, lamb or chicken).  Olive oil can be

1.  In a large bowl, combine flour and salt.  
2.  Blend in egg.  Mixture will not completely combine.
3.  Using a wire whisk or electric mixer, blend in milk until batter is
lump-free and smooth.
4.  Using fat drained from roast (or olive oil if preferred), pour enough
into each muffin cup to coat the bottom.  Put pan into the preheated oven
for about 30 seconds, or until the fat is hot and bubbling.
5.  Pour the Yorkshire Pudding mixture into the muffin pan.  
6.  Bake 18 - 20 minutes until puddings are puffed and golden brown.  Serve

* a 9 x 13 pan works fine as well; simply increase the cooking time by a
minute or two.

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