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Send Tina an email. The subject line and part of the body of your message has been filled out for you. All you have to do is supply the author's name(s) and title of the book(s) and click "send." Of course you may add to or change the subject line if you'd like, or even add to the message to Tina.

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If you'd rather:
Call Tina @ 816-833-8889 and tell her what you're looking for over the phone. Just tell her you're interested in an offline search, then give her the book(s) title and the author's name.
Snail mail her a list with the book title(s) and author's name(s). To insure she gets with you as soon as possible, include your phone number and email address.
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Thank you for taking the time ask Dog Eared Books to help you search for your books. It's truly appreciated!

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